And Slackware too !

After to be available for Ubuntu (and all his derivated), Debian, AVLinux, Fedora, Opensuse, it’s now around the users of the turn of one the first Linux distribution to available of Openshot : Slackware 13.0.

It’s yet a member of the OpenshotUsers communauty called Tallship who have created all the packages of Openshot and his dependencies. They are available for the moment at but soon there is perhaps another place to download it. The version 1.1.0 which is about to leave will be of course to update on soon when she will be available, which does not delay since we are in the stage of detection and correction of the bugs. This releas has been summary  because of his integration at Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (and his Debian integration in the same way) same if she was achieved at 90%.  We have must stop to integrate some new features, only corrections bugs were accepted after the deadline. This feature will be included in the release 1.2.0. All this done that the Ubuntu Users will have the last version and not the version 1.0.0 which is available since the beginning  January. When Lucid will come, the project will go to forward. However, you can always intall the last version by the PPA.

Waiting, for the Slackware Users, and today now, the link to download Openshot, it’s here.