New Theme Elementary

A new theme called Elementary is appaired on the forum. And it’s a new member of the OpenshotUsers called Excedio who created it. He is available to download here. And there is a look :

One time the archive download, extract it in your home in using your habitual method. You obtain a folder called Elementary which contains all the necessary elements   for this new theme. You must now put it in the right place and for doing that we must use the console. Don’t worry, not be afraid, it’s simple but necessary to obtain the good laws for doing this operation. So to realize it, open a terminal and type the following command :

sudo mv elementary /usr/share/openshot/themes/

And that’s all. Your new theme is installed. Open Openshot, Edit and Preferences. Choose the option Theme by default, select the   theme among the five theme presents then apply. And that’s all. You have your new theme. It’s so ……………..simple.

If you feel to be an artist, so don’t hesitate and create your own theme. If you like it, think that somebody could love it too. You ‘ll done  a happy member of the OpenshotUser.